ii’nax (berries)


Berry (Blackberry) – blásshii’

Berry ( blaeberry) (also called hurtleberry, hurts, hurt, bilberry, blue whortleberry, hukleberry, myrtleberry, wimberry, whinberry, winberry, blueberry, and fraugnan in the UK) – chumii’

Berry (blueberry) – vlétii’

Berry (cranberry) – vugii’

Berry (elderberry) – tigii’

Berry (gooseberry) – grúpii’

Berry (jostaberry) –  bukii’

Berry (loganberry) – jidii’

Berry (mulberry) – cokii’

Berry (raspberry) – dúbii’

Berry (strawberry) – splókii’

Berry (tayberry) – snátii’


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